Travel Note

This is a list of some places I have visited since 2013 (some I didn’t take pics and if I did, it might be not a decent one so I didn’t upload lol).

I travel with friends. But I do enjoy travel alone, very much, even if I am definitely going to be lost, even when I have Google map with me. I hate making travel itinerary. I like using public transportation, but if possible I prefer walking. I like beaches and mountains. But I do like bustling city and old buildings as well. A view I like the most is a kind of view we see from a high place (even though I was trembling climbing up to the dome in Vatican).

I love staying in hotel and resort (especially Japanese hotels/旅館 with hot spring/onsen 温泉). I would always spare some time to go to an onsen every time I travel within Japan. I have no problem with flying but I despise a long flight (I get bored even with that inflight entertainment system). Sometimes I would imagine a guy I like to sit next to me on the plane, nah I guess I would not get bored that way lol. I ALWAYS get motion-sickness on ANY means of transportation except train and plane. And bike. I would have my honeymoon in Spain, and I mean it. Dear future hubby please read this, because I won’t dare to ask. Lol.

  1. Yamanashi-Shizuoka-Kanagawa, Japan, Summer 2017
  2. Tochigi, Japan, Spring 2017
  3. Kusatsu Onsen Gunma, Japan, Winter 2016
  4. Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Summer 2016
  5. Vatican City, Vatican, Spring 2016
  6. Florence, Italy, Spring 2016
  7. Rome, Italy, Spring 2016
  8. Hakone – Izu, Japan, Winter 2015
  9. Enoshima-Kamakura, Japan Summer 2015
  10. Lisboa, Portugal, Spring 2015
  11. Fuji + Fuji-Q High Land, Spring 2015
  12. Arashiyama, Japan, Winter 2015
  13. Universal Studio Japan, New Year Eve 2015
  14. Amanohashidate, Japan, Spring 2014
  15. Nagoya, Japan, Spring 2014
  16. Hiroshima, Japan, Spring 2014
  17. Kobe, Japan, Spring 2014
  18. Osaka, Japan, Spring 2014
  19. Kyoto-Nara, Japan, Spring 2014