to disembarrass: unusual, infrequent, obscure verb

Last semester I took Lexical Semantics class, taught by a (superb) professor from University of Cambridge. It was an interesting class-I’d say, not like any other classes I’ve ever taken. I didn’t work on homework and others since I didn’t take the class with credit, but I worked on the final report. One of the questions in the assignment is “Try to find the most unusual verb starting with “dis-“. Maybe infrequent or obscure? What is the meaning of this verb?

Don’t you think it’s an interesting question?

I chose the verb to disembarrass. 
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Automatic question generation

.. defines me in several ways.

First, “automatic”. It refers to something that is done, or occurring spontaneously; without conscious thought or attention. Like breathing. Like loving someone (LOL). Reflex. Unconscious. I like thing going as it is. I prefer decide for most things spontaneously, at the moment. If people ask me what are you gonna do if.. what are you gonna do when.. I might answer I won’t know until it happens.

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