Growing apart

There was a girl and her sweetheart. The sky was blue for more than 4 years they were together. But then she had to leave the country because she had wished to step her feet in the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, she had those secret dreams she never really talked to anyone and for them to be true, she had to leave.

They were naive, so they thought everything would be okay. After all, they had whatsapp to tell about one’s day. She even said, one day, “You know what? Even if we’re apart, we’re actually looking at the same moon now!”

And such, and such. You know, some cheesy stuff.

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Schengen visa for non-Japanese living in Japan

Look what I found today~


… so there I was, writing a poetry in a local jinja (shinto shrine) in the middle of this bustling city Tokyo, closing my eyes, enjoying the solitude in the nature, while. thinking. about. you. Lol.

Well, actually I was there since it was on my way after picking up my Schengen visa from the embassy of Italy in Mita, Tokyo. I had appointment for lunch in Shibuya and I was waaaayy toooo early from the promised time. I had to pray around 12 and decided to do it there (I hope I wasn’t rude as a muslim to pray in a shinto shrine) since it was pretty quiet, hoping that people wouldn’t come when I pray.

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