your loving, vincent


Sun Over Walled Wheat Field

Loving Vincent (2017), (see the trailer here), is the world’s first fully painted feature film. More than 100 painters painted each of the 65.000 film frames in oil paints. I went to see it yesterday in Roppongi and I can still remember every detail of its frames. It was truly a feast for the eyes.

I have always been a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, not his masterpiece Starry Night or his Cafe at Night, but his simple but menacing Sun Over Walled Wheat Field. Though I must admit that they’re great pieces. I went to see Gogh exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum last month and well, seeing real art pieces close-up is a “different” experience. I know I might sound pretentious now but you have to see the real things to be able to fully grasp its significance. And the Sun Over Walled Wheat Field was the one that is 残ってる (be remained, be left) in me.

From the story point of view, I don’t think the movie had a great plot. It was just okay for me. But the art was mesmerizing and I would not mind to watch it again the second time (I would definitely go again if I hadn’t gone to the cinema twice already this week). The ending song was so touching I couldn’t keep my eyes dry 😦



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