growing apart

There was a girl and her sweetheart. The sky was blue for more than 4 years they were together. But then she had to leave the country because she had wished to step her feet in the Land of the Rising Sun. Well, she had those secret dreams she never really talked to anyone and for them to be true, she had to leave.

They were naive, so they thought everything would be okay. After all, they had whatsapp to tell about one’s day. She even said, one day, “You know what? Even if we’re apart, we’re actually looking at the same moon now!”

And such, and such. You know, some cheesy stuff.

The sky was still blue for them on her first year in the foreign land. Her everyday was exciting, and he got to hear the stories. The universe was cruel for them but then she went home for summer break, he picked her up in the airport, they had dinner everyday, the sky was never bluer.

Time flew and two years passed by like a summer breeze.

She got busy, so was he. It was hard fighting with the time and the distance and the universe. So she said, “Why don’t you come and live here?” and he said, “I will try.”

She was happy and excited and started to imagine having breakfast together with him. Like those days when the sky was still blue in their hometown.

But he never came. She bit her lips trying not to cry every night.

Time flew and three years passed by like a petal falling down to the ground.

They did not really talk to each other anymore. She kept those adventures’ stories to herself. She was lonely. She felt there was no future for them. The universe had been a bitch to them.

Their sky turned grey and none of them had the will to lit a firework in that grey old man.

In the fall of her third year in the foreign land, when she hadn’t even seen the maple leaves dance, they went their separate ways.

It was just not meant to be.


One thought on “growing apart

  1. This is your real story or just some fiction story? why didn’t you just invite him literally? did you do that to him? sometimes Love Should Be Fought For. For you or for him.

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