How Schindler’s List (1993) affects me

It is difficult for me to comprehend why a man like Oskar Schindler existed. He had so many flaws. He was greedy. He was a womaniser. I don’t understand why he wanted, tried so hard, sacrificed, and succeeded in saving those many people.. *don’t get me wrong, I was praising him!

I am perfectly aware that there is plenty of reviews for Schindler’s List (1993) scattered around internet, and If I do write one, I am pretty sure it’s going to be boring and nobody’s going to read it (Lol). So I didn’t and chose to write this (another) boring post instead… #leavemealone


Schindler’s List is another powerful holocaust-themed movie I watched. I watched La vita è bella (1997) not knowing that it was a holocaust-themed movie (but I guess it’s a fiction?) Even though I have always been a fan of history-drama movies, I hadn’t watched Schindler’s List only until last weekend since I would need a partner to watch this kind of movies (or I am gonna sob forever afterwards). And believe me, it was difficult for me to find a life partner willing to watch this movie (or any types of partner… #leavemealone).

So, me likey this movie so much :)) Watching Oskar Schindler left me thinking what I have done with my life on these 20 years. So much respect to him.

Nevertheless, I know that we have to be careful when watching historical movies because some data presented are not absolutely factual (even those based-on-true-story movies). We might grasp wrong information and it could affect our view to society (read how movies affect your brain activity here). If you watch too many American movies and just believe everything, you might think that all Russians are bad guys. That’s just one of the Hollywood stereotypes out there. 

Well, Schindler’s List is based on true-story, and I don’t know how factual it is. It did affect me, in a way that I guess affected other people who watched too. It made me pity Jews who had lived during holocaust-time, and hated Nazis for being such a cruel man. As simple as that, lol.

But then I watched this (Israelis: Why do you treat the Palestinians the way the Nazis treated the Jews?) and oh…

Then I think, holocaust, and everything that had happened during those times most likely were the consequences of the war. Let’s take a look at Amon Göth, the antagonist of the movie. I am not sure if Amon Göth was a real sober-heartless-madman (for “personally killing, maiming and torturing a substantial, albeit unidentified number of people” as Wikipedia says) or just a person affected by the war (who happened to be a psychopath and had authority). After all, what could possibly drive a human being to be able to do things like he did? I am not by any chance defending anything that he did, it is just that I was wondering what had happened to him (and what was on his mind) so that he (and other Göth-like people) could do such thing?

There was a real war. There were lots of real people suffering. Nobody likes war because it brings nothing but suffering and destruction (uhm, but I guess some people do like war). And after watching Schindler’s List I feel like I shouldn’t be oblivious to the fact that a real war is again happening right now. I should not. We should not.

We tried hard for a war not to happen. But if it does happen (sometimes, our efforts were in vain) just believe that war brings out the best and the worst in humanity. It brought Oskar Schindler and Amon Göth, after all.




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