Schengen visa for non-Japanese living in Japan

So it was my second Schengen visa which both I got in Japan. Just fyi, Schengen visa is required for Indonesian nationalities to enter most countries in Europe (member states of Schengen: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania -oh so many got tired typing it- Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and -oh finally- Switzerland ). As they were for academic conference, I applied for stay-up-to-90-days or tourist visa (観光). First was in 2014 and I applied it in embassy of Portugal, and the second was from embassy of Italy. To sum up, both were easily granted and I had no problem at all (except when I stupidly forgot to bring cash to pay for the visa so I had to go back since it was near the closing time -,-). The requirements for both visas (Schengen tourist visa applied from Portugal and Italy embassy) were almost the same, listed below (taken from the official website of Italian embassy, translated to English):

  1. Recent colour photo (passport size), attached to the visa application form (type C), can be downloaded here. The form is pretty easy to fill but if you have any question you can ask me.
  2. Passport (original) + copy.
  3. Residence card/在留カード (original) + copy.
  4. Travel itinerary.
  5. Flight ticket reservation confirmation, round trip.
  6. Proof of accommodation during your stay in Schengen area (hotel reservation).
  7. Travel insurance (covers up to 30.000 euro): I applied here and it cost about 4000yen for 8 days.
  8. Certificate of bank balance (残高証明書): I requested it from JPPostBank and it cost 540yen for one copy.
  9. Invitation letter: In my case, I got it from the conference.
  10. *only in Embassy of Portugal* Statement of your employer/university certifying the purpose of visit: this is an additional document required from the Embassy of Portugal for business/conference trip.
  11. Visa charges: 60 Euro (around 8000 yen).

So yeah, that’s all 😀 From Embassy of Portugal, my visa was ready in 5 days (and it was nicely delivered to your door with an addition Letter Pack 500), while from Embassy of Italy, my visa was issued after 2 weeks, and I had to pick it up myself. Now that my visa is ready, I think I have to start making a list of places I wanna visit in Italy the slide…


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