Automatic question generation

.. defines me in several ways.

First, “automatic”. It refers to something that is done, or occurring spontaneously; without conscious thought or attention. Like breathing. Like loving someone (LOL). Reflex. Unconscious. I like thing going as it is. I prefer decide for most things spontaneously, at the moment. If people ask me what are you gonna do if.. what are you gonna do when.. I might answer I won’t know until it happens.

“Question”. A matter requiring resolution or discussion. I have been living my whole 26 years looking for the answers of petty questions. Like, why did I grow up? Why didn’t God just let me be a cute little girl -it was so much fun- for the rest of my life ? And one question keeps bugging me this past few weeks: why are humans so greedy?

“Generation”, is the making, or creation of something. I am a Muslim and I believe of the existence of one God who creates the universe and its inside and outside, including abstract matters such as feeling and emotion. That’s why, the power of God never ceases to amuse me since, for me, it requires so much effort even just for making a decent breakfast in the morning, LOL.


Now combine those three words. It happens to be my current research topic. :)) I am gonna write (hopefully) useful posts from now on. :))



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