Her phone was ringing. She glanced and found his name on the screen. It was Saturday, she just started to fall asleep so she decided to ignore his call, only to found him calling again. Three times phone calls before she finally picked it up.

“What were you trying to do?? Waking me up?” Her tones teased him.

“I know it’s past ten already but… am I succeed?”

“No, you’re not. Well tried, though.” She giggled. “You know I am an early-riser. I need to be up before sunrise to do my morning prayer. Every day.” She continued.

God I forgot that you’re quite religious! And I sure remember that you didn’t mention you have to do your pray every fucking day. For God’s sake, isn’t that hard??”

“First, I am sorry but I am not qualified yet to be called religious. Second, you called God twice when you don’t believe in one. Kinda ironic don’t you think?”

She heard hard laugh on the other side of the phone.

“Yes yes you can’t be religious when your God actually forbids any means of romantic-feeling-involved physical relation with guys, while you had a lot of boyfriends in the past. You broke his rule already.” He teased.

“HEY, our concept of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is different, you know. You go all the way with what you called girlfriend. I don’t. I watch movie and have dinner with what I called boyfriend, as simple as that. As pure as that.” “Well, I do date. I am not seeing anyone now, though.”

“You are seeing me.” He chuckled. He knew just how much she likes him.
He enjoyed it.


“Yes you are. Take it easy babe.”

“DONT CALL ME THAT! I am not one of your fucking chicks!”

“Hahaha, did I tell you that you sound sexy when you’re angry?”

She hung up, murmured to herself. He would call him again anyway tonight, ’cause it’s weekend. He was the guy who always sends drunk text to her every weekend night; but he also was the guy who scolded her every time she tried to find solitude at tobacco, albeit he was a heavy smoker. Not to mention a heavy drinker.


They never met. He said that he couldn’t meet her because he needs to be drunk to be able to talk to a woman in person. And she doesn’t drink. He didn’t want to be drunk in front of 100% sober girl.

Dammit. What else you aren’t allowed to do? Eating animals? Stepping on cockroach? Cutting onion??” That was what he said first time she told him.

“Well, we have a pretty strict diet. We cannot eat pork. For a very religious person, the list doesn’t stop there.”

“That’s just pathetic! We only live one life, don’t you want to try to eat, cat meat, for example?

Eww that’s insane! I am a cat person! I’ll kill you if you ever laid your hand on that most lovable animal in this world!!”

“Then, maybe, a dinosaur’s?”

The conversation continued to each of them arguing which one could probably be more delicious between stegosaurus and diplodocusーanyway, he fully respected her, he said it’s good for human to have something to believe, to be devoted on, even though he often made fun of her. It was one of those nights when they could talk for hours and only the realization that tomorrow is Monday could stop them.

He was the guy who never tried to look cool, but he never failed to amaze her anyway.


It was a quarter to 2 am already, they had been talking since midnight. Weekend’s almost over, and their phones had gotten hot already.

“Hey.” She said, unusually uncomfortable tone.


“Let’s meet.”

“No no no no no I looked ugly and stupid when I am drunk and you know I can’t bear to look stupid in front of girls, especially you. So noooooo!!” He desperately tried to change the mood. Nothing good ever happened after midnight, that’s what people said.

“I saw your picture and you looked a real hunk, a little alcohol won’t hurt.”

“I took that as compliment, but, still no!”

“I want to meet you.”

That serious tone of her pierced his heart.

“No, baby.”


“Because…” He held his breath, gulped, and continued. “I might fall in love with you and it terrifies the hell out of me.

** Tokyo, 18 May 2015 **


6 thoughts on “Stranger

      1. I know you are lovable girl. Everyone will always attracted to your charm. I dont know why too, haha. Btw, I am not jealous, I dont really like to be involved with somenone I dont really know well.

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