MEXT Scholarship IGP Titech #5: Unofficial Result

I was in office with D and B, that time, doing things that I couldn’t remember what. And then my Gio rang, from the mail preview I knew it was email from my prospective sensei. I took a deep breath and opened the email. Here goes the mail..

Dear Susanti,

I’m sorry for a long silence until now.

At a university-wide meeting of the International Graduate Programs of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), applicants for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for the above-mentioned programs were examined.

It is my pleasure to inform you that you were recommended and approved as a successful recipient of the MEXT scholarship at the meeting. Congratulations! To finalize the recommendation, however, we have to confirm that you will come to Tokyo Tech from October 2013 and enroll in “Education Program of Advanced Information Technology Leaders”. If this is your intent, please send me the confirmation email before immediately.

To be rigid, what was decided at this moment is that our university will recommend you to the MEXT as a scholarship student. The official final decision will be made by the MEXT. To be very rigid, thus, there is still a chance of a turnover. But there was no such instance before, and we are not worrying about that. The probability of such incident is very very low.

By the middle of March you should receive from the Admissions Office your official acceptance letter, stating that we accept you as a MEXT scholarship student.

Allow me to congratulate you again and I sincerely look forward to your immediate reply.

Best Regards,

SO I said sorry for all my readers *as if there is any heheh* who wondering the result of my scholarship. And above is the unofficial result that my professor said via email. Thanks God.

I will prepare and some day my chance will come -Abraham Lincoln


19 thoughts on “MEXT Scholarship IGP Titech #5: Unofficial Result

  1. Dear Susant,
    Nice to meet you.
    I am Nachiketa Bairagi from Bangladesh. I have applied for IGP(A), Titech. Yesterday I had an interview regarding my selection. I want to know how much possibility of my selection for the MEXT. My sensei thinks my GPA is good but he worrying about the fund. Please give some info regarding the selection procedures. Thanks 🙂

      1. I am applying for the Interdisciplinary Graduate school of science & engineering. My department is life science & technology which is newly created from the changed made for 2016. My professor is under electronic chemistry department now.

      2. Oh, we’re in different department. I got my unofficial result on February.. I am not sure if the whole process is the same between department though..
        Well anyway just ask me I’ll try to answer. 🙂

      3. Please tell me onething. My sensei thinks my GPA is good for entry into university. Now how is my possibility for selecting for MEXT

      4. In my dept, GPA wasn’t the most important thing; as long as it is sufficient it is ok. What’s more important is the interview (or so I think). Not so sure though. But you’re in different department. Are u going to have interview or other selection step?

      5. Dear Susanti, Can you please clarify one thing? Is there any requirements for GPA to get select for MEXT? I many university admission circular I noticed that MEXT wants 2.3 out of 3.0. My CGPA is 3.63. Is it enough for selection. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you for your reply. I had already faced interview last week. Three sensei from department were present in the interview. I think I did very well in the interview. My sensei told me that mext is very limited so if I wouldn’t select for the mext, I should lool for some private fund. Now I am very nervous on this saying.

      1. Don’t worry. Just wait patiently until you get the result. You can do research on other scholarship while waiting though, just in case. You could ask your sensei how’s your chance of getting selected as mext candidate, or you can ask him for alternative funding that’s possible for you. Good luck. Of course I cant say for sure during this time. But if you are selected as mext candidate (if you get the letter from titech saying you are recommended for mext, that’s most likely you’ll get it. But you’ll only get that letter on around March maybe)

  2. Thankss for your inspiring words. I hope and pray to almighty that I could be selected. I asked my sensei about my possibility. He told me that his only worring about fund. In addition, I am his 1st foreign student for IGP and he don’t know the actual procedures of he is not sure for selection.

  3. Dear Susanti, Can you please clarify one thing? is there any requirement of GPA for getting selected for mext? I noticed many university selection criteria that mext wants 2.3 out of 3.0. My CGPA is 3.63.It that enough for gettiong selected. Thanks again

    1. Hi,

      As far as I remember, there was no GPA requirement when I applied for master 2 yrs ago. But, for extending the mext scholarship in Titech (for ex. Master to PhD) you have to at least have 2.5/3 GPA.
      I think yours is enough. Mine was like 3.5/4 when I applied master.

  4. Hi Susanti,

    I am Toogie, I applied for the IGP(A) in TiTech last year and just waiting for the official result this March. My question now is about the unofficial result that you received form your sensei. When did you receive the email of the unofficial result? You from the above comment that you got it on Feb, may I know the exact date or week if possible? I am to nervous to ask for the unofficial result from my prospective sensei that is why I am asking you.

    Thank you very much. 🙂

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Toogie,

      If I am not mistaken, it was about the second week of Feb. But I think it was because my Prof was on the selection committee so he knew the result earlier.

      1. Ohh. I see. But do you think, there is always an initial and unifficial results that are to be released before the official results on March? Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Very specific and vivid description for the amazing notification, I am also waiting for the result of IGPA this year. VERY useful information. Thanks for your sharing!!!!

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