MEXT Scholarship IGP Titech #3: Dry Run Interview

Dear **,
Since we have limited resources in terms of interviewers and time slots, we will conduct the primary screening.
We can not say anything about how many applicants would be interviewed at this moment.
It depends on the number of applicants and their academic records.

That is what my (prospectus) Sensei said when I asked him if there will be any document screening, or all of the candidates will be interviewed. And it turned out there IS a document screening. For information about document screening IGP A please see this.

On 20 December 2012, I got email from Sensei:

Dear **,
We are planning your interview in 26th afternoon. We hope this schedule is convenient for you.
The interview will be at most 30 minutes. We will tell you when we finalise the exact time slot.
Before the wet run, we need to check the Skype connection, perhaps, tomorrow?
Please prepare your Skype environment and tell me when the dry run is possible.

And I cried to see the message.. *sob sob

1. Stage #1: Dry run interview
When I heard the phrase “dry run”, I didn’t know a thing about it hahaha ~(–“)/ *dodol. But then I concluded it as “preparation before the d-day interview”. Okayy. Gtg to Rima’s, a friend o’mine whose house is in the city center and uses best internet connection so I don’t have to worry the internet connection lol (yes yes it is that bad).

Why didn’t I do it at home?

Fyi, once upon a time, I skype-d with a friend from Spain, we talked via phone call, and suddenly a neighbor’s cow’s screaming loudly (Literally, screaming. Literally, A COW) !

And he immediately asked “I think I heard a cow ! ”
And I answered “No, no. It was from the TV !”

IN CONCLUSION it wouldn’t be very convenient for me to have skype interview at home so I decided to take it at Rima’s. Another reason is my place is in countryside so it doesn’t have a good internet connection yet. *oke oke, gue cuman jaga harga diri *hauhh

Back to dry run. It was OK at Rima’s house. Cool internet connection. We (me and Sensei, not with neighbor’s cow) talked quite much. First time I saw my future Sensei (aww). He looked very gentle; while I was so freaking nervous. It was about 15 minutes in long. Sensei told me to prepare everything, there will be 3 things to ask in interview:

  1. Past researches. In this case is my undergraduate thesis.
  2. Research Proposal. What am I gonna do in Titech?
  3. Basic of Computer Science.

I still remembered every seconds in this dry run. How I see my face in the mirror for more than an hour for 15 minutes dry run. How I couldn’t take my eyes off of JST website so that I wouldn’t make mistake with the time differences. How I sweetly sat in front of skype for about an hour before the dry run..

“We have a lot of candidates, **-san.”

That was what he said.

“…but, you have a chance.”

How could I didn’t cry?

P.S. Next => d-day interview, and how I prepare for it 😀

“In case you never get a second chance: don’t be afraid!” “And what if you do get a second chance?” “You take it!” – C. JoyBell C.


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