MEXT Scholarship IGP Titech #1: IGP TITECH

According to academic ranking of the world (ARWU), Tokyo Institute of Technology (東京工業大学 Tōkyō Kōgyō Daigaku, informally Tokyo Tech, Tokodai or TITECH) is the sixth best university in Japan. I have ever applied Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and they considered the applicants’ university ranking by ARWU, enough to said that ARWU is such ranking that is considered by the world. And I forget to say that Titech is also belong to 100 top universities in the world 😀

This university is quite popular among Indonesia’s students, especially them from big 3 universities in Indonesia: UGM, UI, and ITB. They call Titech as Japan’s ITB 😀 I often found many blogs of the students who study in Titech when I searched for information about scholarship to Japan. It might be because those big 3 universities have partnership with Titech, one of which is a student exchange program called YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program). Unfortunately my dear UNS has not had this program yet 😦

So then… what is IGP ?

IGP stands for International Graduate Program, which is an international program for graduate study taught in English (master and doctoral, there is also integrated 5 years master-doctoral degree) held by Titech every year. This program opens through overseas & domestic applications. So for us living outside Japan, we just have to send our application via regular mail and then if you’re lucky enough to get interview, it will be a skype interview 😀

Oh, and there is a limited number of MEXT/ Monbukagakusho scholarship available through IGP (approximately 2-8 for each department, divided for master and doctoral student). This scholarship is based on University Recommendation, means that Titech will be the one that does the screening process for the scholarship, and after that Titech will recommend some of those students to get scholarship from Monbukagakusho. This IGP program opens around Sept or October every year.

This program can be divided into several type such IGP(A), IGP(B), IGP(C) etc, depends on who allowed to apply and the scholarship schema. For detail please see here.

So where do I get this scholarship information from?

The answer is: from when I corresponded with profs from Japan. In the end of the year 2011, I was still waiting for my graduation when I suddenly wanted to look for prof in Japan as a way to study there. One of the prof that give me consent is the one from Titech, and he encouraged me to apply the IGP Program. He also said that 2012 is the last for admission of the IGP program, and he was not so sure whether this program will be held again or not in the following years. Fortunately, IGP is held again for 2013, yay ! 😀

I will share about the selection process of this program in my next posts. Hoping they will useful for you who is interested to continue your study to Japan.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle – The Wise


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