Scholarship #1: Failed, and trying again

Scholarship is a mystery. You do not need to be too smart to get scholarship. You just need to be persistent. My coach ever said “Ndak usah terlalu perfect, kalo terlalu perfect juga comitee gak bakal pinang kita. Alasannya: udah pintar !”

This year, my scholarship request to Monbukagakusho (Japan’s ministry of education, sport, and technology) wasn’t accepted. In other words, I failed.

And yeah, my-almost-100 international toefl score is such a waste, I’ve never use it till now. People said I have to apply job here and there using it but I (still) don’t feel like to.. hoh. I asked Allah every night, hoping that it will help me to get scholarship abroad, so let’s see where Allah will bring me 😉

I am in the middle of applying for scholarship (again) for now. Pray for me, okay! 😉
UPDATED, ada quote nih dari temen.

You’ll succeed whatever way God shows you. -Arleta Fenty


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