Internet-Based Test (iBT) Toefl Tips Trick

About iBT Toefl

Different from the previous version (PBT-paper based test and CBT-computer based test), iBT Toefl has a freaking way to measure our capability in English. The test itself contains four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Not to mention that the reading section is not as easy as the reading section in PBT Toefl –”

1. iBT Toefl measures equally our ability to understand and “produce” English. Two of the four sections are reading and listening; they measure on how well we understand English. The rest are Speaking and writing; how well we express ourselves through English.

2. iBT Toefl measures on how well we combine our English skills. There are sections when we have to speak and to write according to what we read and what we heard (They are called Integrated task, in speaking and writing section).

3. No structure and grammar section. This section in PBT Toefl will no longer exist in iBT. Constantly, we have to apply our grammar and structure skills in all of those sections. It is especially hard since when we talk in English, we usually aren’t paying much attention to the grammar.

4. iBT Toefl requires note-taking. It is different with PBT Toefl when you cannot do note-taking in it. You may think that it is such a relief since we can do note-taking but remember: It can be so tricky. Honestly the first time I knew it, I can guess why they allow us to do note-taking. This is because the reading passages and the listening section are so long so that we cannot help it but to take note on it ha ha ha. But it’s okay, assume it as a simulation when you get your chance to study abroad or take an international class.

A map of the iBT Toelf

1. Reading: 60-100 minutes, 3-5 passages with 12-14 questions on each passage.

2. Listening: 60-90 minutes, 2-3 conversations (5 questions on each conversation) and 4-6 lectures (6 questions on each lecture)

3. Speaking: 20 minutes, 2 independent task (speak based on familiar experience) and 4 integrated task (speak based on reading and/or listening passage)

4. Writing: 50 minutes, 1 integrated task (write based on listening and reading passage) and 1 independent task (write based on prompt only. You can see example of independent writing task in my previous post and post)

Tips Trick.

1.Register early. For the iBT test you have to register online in, at least 1 week before the test. More that than, ETS will charge you $35 of penalty. You can choose where and when you want to take your test. Oh yeah you have to pay for the test ($175 when I took my test, and it said that it increases every year.) via US Bank, CC, or paypal.

I was using paypal, so I don’t know the other payment methods. But don’t worry if what you have is a bunch of cash money, you can seek for help to the official test centre that you choose – they usually offer help to register and pay for the test (but from my friend’s info, they will charge you around $25 for help you taking care the test registration)

2. Get yourself familiar with the testing centre. Although I myself just knew my testing centre on the right day of my test tehehehehe. Oh yeah I was taking my test in Real-English Jogjakarta.

3. Bring proper identification. We have to show our identification card in the testing centre, so don’t forget to bring it because it is very important. You may not allowed to take the test if there is something wrong with your identification card. See ETS web for proper identification card (In my case, I used KTP because any other identification cards that I have -such as SIM, student card, ect- cannot be used.)

4. Prepare your health for the test. iBT Toefl takes long time, around 4 hours (In my case, I started at 11.00 and finished around 14.30). There is 10minutes break, but it’s better to use it to go to the bathroom because the testing-room will definitely make you want to pee a lot 😀 I think that the air conditioner was broken or something, if not then WHY WAS IT SO COLD I ALMOST DIE ?? >.<

So, Eat well, sleep well.. especially before the test. But if you get sick by the day of the test (Hell like mine, huhuhu) you can still do your best in test with the use of some energy drinks. It’s okay I think, I took 2 hemaviton stamina plus and I managed to complete my test well 🙂 And also remember to bring some foods, you can eat it in the 10minutes break. Don’t force yourself not to eat during the break time or you may get exhausted after the test 😀 I ate chocolate that time.

5. Practice! There is definitely nothing that can replace this. After knowing that my test is on 11 a.m, I practiced everyday on 11 a.m and didn’t stop after I complete all the sections. I tried to familiarize myself with the condition that I have to compromise on the day of my test. The time, the all four sections.. I tried to make friend with them 🙂

6. Relax. After all you’ve done, relax guys 🙂 Believe on you skills and your hard work. As long as you give it your very best, you can win 😉

I don’t know whether it will help you or not, but there is one last thing I want to share. Taking the iBT Toefl test is such a great experience, I think. It’s almost the same challenge with when I took my undergraduate thesis ha ha ha. So, I hope, someday you will have the chance to experience it, too 🙂

It is one of the door to reach your dream to study abroad, or become professional worker.

Or maybe you are also like me, like to learn other languages? 🙂

Remember that you will receive from your study what you give to your study. So just give it your best 🙂

Source: Taken from Kaplan Portable iBT Toefl, mutantis mutandis. And also from my beloved coach Kak Eddy in TEST-English School, Pare, Kediri (Yay! I’ll definitely write about KampungInggris next time)

Aaanywaaay, if there is something you want to ask me about the iBT Toefl, I will do my best to answer it 😉 Just comment!


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