one month break, contemplating about “home”

After a year without a proper break, finally I had it-what Japanese called 卒業旅行 (red: graduation holiday). I was exhausted this one year from the intern, job hunting, seemingly never endless-papers, dissertation, defense, exam…

So many rejections, so many dramas.

Actually, I am in the middle of one month-leave now. I blatantly told my professor that I am going on holiday for real this time, and I will be busy. I don’t want him to expect me to give quick result and analysis on my remaining work. As expected from him, he only laughed while saying “I know.” He’s really like my own father (lol).
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the world doesn’t revolve around you

Four days ago I woke up and the first thing I did was checking my phone. I wanted to know what time it was. Scrolling down the notifications on the phone and there it was, his message. “Can I call you? Just a minute.”

I replied OK and we talked over the phone for almost an hour. To sum up, he met a girl, they had connection, he confessed, she said yes, and he planned to propose to that girl. And he wanted to make sure that I was fine with it.

Not all days started off like this. 
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Internship in Japan

Oh, hi.

Two posts in a week, huh? I guess I’ve been quite free lately ;p

Well, that’s actually not the case.

I have been doing an internship in IBM Research Japan since this year’s September, and I am gonna finish next year’s February. It’s quite interesting, so I thought I’ll share my experience of applying and well, doing an internship in a company in Japan. I only applied to IBM Japan so this information might only apply to this particular company.
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