I was flying,
upon seeing you threw your glance
to me

Or did you really?

And I was trembling,
when you were getting closer
and closer,
toward me

Or were you?

So I was dancing,
when you were there standing in the horizon,
of what-so-called
my life

My happy, little life

But was it you?
Was it really you?

Or was it your shadow from my pathetic,
cruel dreams?


#Tokyo, on a hot, delightful July night, replying a poem from @asatyasifa

Florence, Italy, Spring 2016


The birthplace of the Renaissance. Home to masterpieces of art and architecture. Took a breath here and submissively fell in love with this renowned city. It was love at the first sight lol.

I met David(s), took photos with them, and cringed at their obscene but intriguing pose. I enjoyed strolling in the less-crowded spots of the city, took a sip at their espresso. No doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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