the irrational logic of broken heart

Sometimes heart needs more time to accept what the mind already knows. That’s why, every morning, 10 minutes after she opens her eyes, she still feels miserable.

To her he was the sea.

She herself doesn’t really know why she associated that person to a random thing like “the sea”. Probably it’s simply the fact that he liked the sea. Or probably because once he sent her a picture of the sea from his hometown. Or probably because coincidentally “ocean’s 8” was the only movie they watched together in the theater.

She tried to think what it is that made her fall for him. He’s the kindest person she ever knew, he’s the definition of “a good person”, probably that’s why. They share hobbies. Probably that’s why.

Or probably, it was just the way he sat next to her while reading a book that he liked, and then excitedly summed up the story for her.

To her he was the sea.
The 2/3 or her small world.


one month break, contemplating about “home”

After a year without a proper break, finally I had it-what Japanese called 卒業旅行 (red: graduation holiday). I was exhausted this one year from the intern, job hunting, seemingly never endless-papers, dissertation, defense, exam…

So many rejections, so many dramas.

Actually, I am in the middle of one month-leave now. I blatantly told my professor that I am going on holiday for real this time, and I will be busy. I don’t want him to expect me to give quick result and analysis on my remaining work. As expected from him, he only laughed while saying “I know.” He’s really like my own father (lol).
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